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Fuel is running through your veins? You love the piercing noises created by racing cars? It has always been a dream of yours to be a part of the construction and design process behind the creation of a racing car? You’re a fan of motorsports and would like to drive a racing car yourself?

Become a part of GET racing!

Formula students includes learning how to be responsible, gaining new experiences and having a lot of fun at the annual events. You can accompany the whole process: beginning at the first click in a CAD program to eventually starting the engine for the first time. Joining our team, you have the opportunity to meet new people and to get in contact with companies across the whole industry. In addition to that, you can add an interesting aspect to your resume.

Even if you are not enlisted in an engineering major, we can still use your help, as the spectrum of tasks is really diverse: Media technicians can utilise their skills to build our website our to cut promotional videos. Economists can proof their competence in the areas accounting and business plan presentation. But that is only a small insight: Marketing, Sponsoring and Production for example also are important tasks within the team. You do not really have previous knowledge? No problem! The only thing we expect from you is team spirit, reliability and a few hours of your time a week.
We’ve listed an overview of the tasks, so you can get a better overall picture!

Technical Field

Suspension & Chassis

The suspension is a racing car’s centerpiece: the most powerful engine, the best electrics and the lightest frame do not translate into the track without enough grip. The link to this is a well-designed suspension system adapted to the vehicle. Even the smallest settings can sometimes play an important role at events and might decide over important seconds in the tournament. Finding the “perfect settings” is a challenging tasks for the prospective engineers.


Economic Field


In addition to the actual construction of a racing car, marketing is not to be neglected. Websites, social media appearances and newsletters need to be filled with contend and they should be shared as widely as possible. Next to exciting texts, the right images and action-packed videos are also required. Media and marketing enthusiasts will feel really comfortable in this team, because communication to the outside world is an important tool to draw attention to the team ad the racing car.


Drive & Electronics

Motorsport does not work without power. Therefore we have to rethink how to get the most out of the engine each season. Of course, our area of responsibility does not only include the engine: In order to be able to implement the power provided by the engine perfectly, we have to come up with better solutions each time for the self-made intake and exhaust tract or for the power transmission to the tires. The perfect control and motor adjustment is then made by our electrical engineers. In electronics, there are many opportunities for us to develop further. For example, live telemetry was introduced for the first time in 2015 and ideas for expansion are in great demand.

Since we are going to be competing in the Formula Student Electric in the future, these two teams have been merged. Only if we work together closely, it will be possible to achieve an electric drive. If you are looking for a challenge, you’re in the right place in this team.


Like any company, GET racing needs capital. Most of it is generated by sponsors. As a member of the sponsoring team, you get first-class contact to large companies and you have the important task to maintain a good relationship with them. But also PR topics, such as booths on the campus or at trade fairs are planned and supervised together with the marketing team. As a member of the sponsoring team, you are in a constant dialogue with sponsors and students.

Business Plan Presentation

The events are not just about the speed of the race car and your scores. A smart presentation of the racing car and the marketing also play an important role in the overall success at an event. In order to achieve good results, a business plan must be created and the proper marketing of the car needs to be planned. The business plan is presented to a high-calibre jury of the automotive industry at events. Just the right thing for the budding marketing or sales manager!


Aerodynamics & Design

Aerodynamics? I know what that is! The lower the drag, the faster the car. And the faster the car, the higher the placement, right? However, since a racetrack does not only consist of straight lines, the influence of cornering speed on the overall performance should not be underestimated. In corners, the greatest possible downforce (pressure to the rode) is important in order to ensure the highest possible tire adhesion. However, since a higher downforce is usually accompanied by an increase in air resistance and thus also the reduction in the maximum speed, it is your task as an engineer to find the perfect balance between speed and downforce.
In addition, aerodynamics is not only important for the performance of a vehicle, but also for example for the optimal flow of coolers. A further step is to make a technically sophisticated vehicle look good. This is where your creativity comes in! We manufacture our bodywork and many other parts from fiber-reinforced composites. If you want to get to know how to deal with them, this is exactly your area!

Cost & Manufacturing

Not only the acquisition of capital is important, but also converting it into a cost effective racing car. A further topic at the events is also the Cost Report, where the team has to justify the production-technical decision regarding costs. Production and material costs have to be recorded and optimised for a calculated series production of 1000 vehicles in such a way that the vehicle can be produced cost-effectively. Especially industrial engineers will feel at home here in the symbiosis of business and technology.


To ensure that everything runs smoothly at the events, the participation has to be planned carefully. Countless agreements have to be made, packing lists have to be written and tasks have to be distributed. The eventmanagement team also organizes various team activities throughout the year. For example the annual Roll-Out, the christmas celebration and the monthly team meetup, which helps creating a deeper bond between the members.


Just contact us via E-Mail (, Instagram, Facebook or visit our annual informational evening, which is hosted in the University

Make sure to include basic information about yourself and we will help you find the perfect team for you, if you are not sure about it! We are excited to hear from you!

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