About Us

Get racing is the Formula Student team of Technical University Dortmund and the place to be if you’re a true lover of motorsports and racing. Every year we take on the challenge to build a single seat race car that allows us to participate in various Formula Student Events all over Europe. Every member gets the chance to witness the entire process from the very first design concepts up to putting together the manufactured parts inside the garage. Now counting over 65 members from various faculties do not only manage to come together inside the garage but also know how to have fun outside of it, whether it’s karting or simply having a barbecue together.

Being a part of GET racing does not only help you gain experience associated with motorsports but offers a lot of other advantages as well:

  • applying theoretical knowledge into real life practice
  • becoming familiar with different CAD & simulation software used by renowned companies worldwide
  • interdisciplinary learning within groups comprised of students from all kinds of degrees
  • socialising and connecting with companies and sponsors (internships, working student job offers, dissertations)
  • soft skills that look good on any resume and can offer a great advantage in job interviews
  • help with learning learning for exams and the exchange of scripts and experiences
  • various courses (welding course, software courses, etc.)
  • under certain circumstances, work at GET racing can be credited to the basic internship (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

And especially:

  • a lot of fun at the events across Europe
  • a variety of freetime events (carting, having barbecues, etc.)
  • new contacts and friendships

Team History

GET racing is the student racing team of the Technical University of Dortmund. In May 2005 the Formula Student presented itself at the Hannover Messe and thus became the initial spark for the founding of the team in the same month.

In 2006 and 2007, GET racing started with the GT06 and GT07 models at the Formula Student Germany (FSG) at the Hockenheimring. In 2008 GET racing participated at the Formula Student UK with the evolutionary model GT07b in Silverstone. These racing cars, based on KTM single cylinders, were the first beginnings of the GET racing team. Thanks to the wealth of experience gained in this field, the race cars have been continuously improved.

In 2009, the team completely redesigned the new vehicle, the FS29, from scratch. This car marked the changeover from single-cylinder engines to four-cylinder engines, which became the basis for the future racing cars. Unfortunately, the team did not finish the FS29 in time for the race, so the races started without the participation of our team.

In the following year, a comprehensive change of regulations took place, which made it impossible to participate in the 2010 season with the FS29. Nevertheless, the FS29 with its CNC-milled body has been exhibiting at numerous events in recent years (for example the Essen Motor Show 2009 and the Hannovermesse 2010). The original plan was that the 2010 racing car, the FS210, would become a slightly modified version of the FS29, adapted to the new rules. In the end, however, the adjustments and changes turned out to be really drastic, so that the FS210 became a completely new and independent car. With the FS210 GET racing competed in Italy.

For the 2011 season, the FS210 was revised. It was the FS201b with which the team started in Hockenheim and Hungary. Through great commitment and engagement, the team members learned how to act like a complex business enterprise and how to cope with greater challenges in the team. The successes resulting from these efforts became visible both at the racetrack and in later life.

We continues with a basic renovation of the car which took 2 years. The resulting FS213 made its big appearance in Hockenheim in 2013. The hard work paid off, as the FS213 was our first racing car to pass the Endurance successfully. In 2014, the FS213 was examined and improved based on the problems of the last year. This made it possible to participate with the FS213 in Barcelona.

Parallely, the successor to the FS213 was already designed in 2014, and the production lasted until the end of 2015. The FS216 participated in events in Hungary and Hockenheim in 2016. In the following year, the FS216 was able to achieve great success at the first Formula Student Netherlands and also cut a good figure at the Formulas Student Austria.

In the following years 2017 and 2018, the FS218 was designed and manufactured. We participated in events in the Netherlands, Austria and at the Hockenheimring. Today, the team consists of over 40 students, most of whom are enrolled in engineering sciences such as mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. However, many industrial engineers, computer scientists and students of other faculties are now part of the team.

With the FS219, the team participated in the events in the Netherlands, Austria and Germany. After a successful acquisition of members, we were also able to expand our team to over 80 members, which makes it even more effective to build and construct the new car.

Due to the global pandemic in 2020, all events were cancelled. Currently, we are construction our racing car for 2021, which is going to be powered electrically for the first time in GET racing history. Experiences from 2019 and 2020, as well as completely new ideas and solutions are incorporated into the design of the current racing car.

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