Information on the current situation

Ladies and gentlemen, sponsors and supporters of GETracing, 


We would like to inform you about the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for our team. You have probably already noticed that the schools and universities in North Rhine Westphalia will be closed at least until 19.04. However, many professores and employees of the TU Dortmund University do not assume that the next semester will be able to start normal. 

This means that we are unfortunately forced to interrupt work on our car, as we naturally follow the rules of the university and the country. 

Sad but necessary new reached us in the last week. All four Formula Student events which we quallified and registered for have been cancelled. We were really looking forward to these events, as we did very well in the qualifikation quizzes and would have had very good starting positions at the events, but we think that this is a necessary measurement. 

We are also certain that your situation is also very difficult and we fully understand this. However we will try to finish the planned car, not this season but in the best case by the end of 2020 or early 2021. In the meantime we would like to start with the construction and concept phase for the planned electric car. 

We hope you all stay healthy and that the crisis is over as soon as possible. 


On behalve of the whole team 

Best wishes

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