A special feature of the Formula Student is the great freedom for creativity. The aim is to enable students to find unconventional solutions and to achieve even better performance with exotic materials. However, in order to guarantee equal opportunities and security, there must also be rules. For this purpose, Formula SAE annually announces a new set of rules, which is regarded as the basis for all other Formula Student events. In addition to the respective events, there are certain additional rules, whereby in recent years the FSG - that is, the Formula Student Germany - has crystallized as an authoritative set of rules, as it has the most stringent rules in terms of safety.

The rules are divided into 4 subchapters: The organizational and technical regulations as well as the specifications for the course of the static and dynamic disciplines.

However, some basic rules remain the same year after year:

  • the racing car must be a single-seater
  • only four-stroke petrol engines with a maximum displacement of 610 cm3 are allowed (exception: in England also diesel and hybrid engines as well as fuel cells are allowed)
  • the intake air is limited by an air flow limiter with a diameter of 20 mm
  • the wheelbase must not be less than 1525 mm
  • only properly enrolled students are allowed in the team, help from professors is not allowed

These and many other rules guarantee a fair event, because every participating team agrees with the registration to comply with the rules. Violations lead to immediate disqualification.

If you want to read more details about the rules and inform yourself even further take a look at Formula SAE and Formula Student Germany (FSG).

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