Events 2019

Formula Student Netherlands

Location: TT Circuit Assen

With Formula Student Netherlands, we started the summer of events in July. After our arrival on Sunday, we started with the Business Plan Presentation on Monday, where our business idea and the corresponding presentation were moderately received. In the pit, all the other team members worked diligently on the car. Until the pit closed at 10 p.m., work continued to get the racing car ready for the scrutineering, cost and manufacturing and engineering design event. The latter two were already in line the next morning at 8:45 a.m. We also wanted to go for scrutineering on Tuesday afternoon for the first time. With a series of feasible tasks, we went straight back to the pit after the scrutineering, where we were able to finish all the points well in the course of the evening and the next morning.

In the second attempt it worked with the mechanical scrutineering and we were able to continue with the tilt test, which we passed directly in the first attempt. Unfortunately, there was a leak in the gasoline system during the noise test, which brought us back to mechanical scrutineering. The leak was quickly found and fixed, so we passed the tilt test. Now the Tilt and Noise Test worked directly only the Brake Test did not succeed immediately.
Even after countless attempts and changes to the car, we had no choice but to spend the rest of the day watching other teams and dismantling our pit. What remains in our memories is a stressful event in which everyone has pulled together at all times and experienced many beautiful moments together.

Formula Student Austria

Location: Redbull Ring Spielberg

The Formula Student Austria 2019 was our second event. After a long journey we spent the Sunday setting up on the campsite and in the pit.
On Monday, a lot of work was done on the car, because the Scrutineers, who always strive for our safety, do not turn a blind eye to the conformity of the racing cars with the rules.
Tuesday was dedicated to the static disciplines. The Business Plan Presentation was characterized by the skeptical views of the jury, which were potential investors. Afterwards, the Engineering Design and the Cost and Manufacturing Event went on. After day two, we were very proud that we had completed the statics smoothly. On Wednesday, the dynamic disciplines began.

We completed the scrutineering and the tilt test on the second attempt. However, the noise test made life difficult for us. Unknown problems put the stamina to the test again, but the team did not give up. The ambition in the team, the helpfulness between the teams and the willingness of the judges to carry out tests until the last second made this day really exciting again. In the end, we actually managed to get the car through the noise test and the subsequent Brake test. So we were still able to compete for the autocross. Unfortunately, the car went out on the track, and since the battery was emptied by the noise test, we could not complete the laps.

It was a tough day for everyone, and yet the crew was ready to get back to the car after a little sleep. On Thursday we were only spectators at the Endurance after the DNF due to engine problems. Nevertheless, it was indescribable to see our car on the track. The participants and organizers have created a special event full of valuable experiences.

Formula Student Germany

Location: Hockenheimring

Finally we went to the Hockenheimring for the Formula Student Germany. On the first day only small things had to be repaired and we were able to prepare for the statics. Early in the morning we went into scrutineering. The first feedback was quite good, which we had hoped after the hard work at FSN and FSA. There was only a short list to work through and thus we were able to pass the re-scrutineering in the morning. Also in the morning our BPP boys held the Business Plan Presentation very confidently. We landed on the 24th Place in the discipline and were very proud. After a short lunch break we went to the Cost and Manufacturing and the Engineering Design Event. Then we went directly to the tilt test, which we succeeded in the first attempt.

FSG 2019 (173 von 177)

The next morning it was time to line up at 6 a.m. for further tests. The FS219 also passed the noise and brake test in its first attempt. Thus, the first two dynamic disciplines were scheduled in the afternoon. After the first laps in the skid pad engine problems occurred again. Thanks to the support of our pit neighbor CAT-Racing, the engine was able to run reliably again. Thus it was possible for us to let another driver drive during the acceleration.

On Friday the autocross took place, where our two riders finally showed what the FS219 can do. The last day was for Endurance. After some flawless rounds, problems arose due to too low oil pressure. The first rider was able to complete his 11 km. But when changing drivers, it was no longer possible to start the FS219. Nevertheless, we are proud of our performance and the FS219 and were able to enjoy the successful event to the fullest afterwards.

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