Events 2018

Formula Student Netherlands

Location: TT Circuit Assen

This year we were happy to participate again in the Formula Student Netherlands. We - as well as many other teams - used the event as a big "rehearsal run" for the upcoming official events, as the FSN was unfortunately not yet able to distinguish itself as such this year. Also in view of the past season, where the team had a very successful event at FSN 2017, our goals for this year were not very high, but clearly set. The first car, which was built by the current team, had not seen many kilometers at that time. Therefore, no one thought of good placings or trophies. The focus was rather on the fact that Rüdiger (this is the name we gave our racing car) was able to compete in all disciplines. With this attitude, on 07.07.18, a Saturday, 17 students set off for Assen in the Netherlands. The approach ran without problems, also because Assen is only about 270km away from Dortmund. By arriving on Saturday, we were one of the first teams to arrive at the campsite. The official start of the event was to take place on Sunday evening, so we still had enough time to set up the tents and kitchen. After the "Opening Ceremony" on Sunday we could already set up the pit and then be ready for scrutineering on Monday.

Since some static disciplines were already waiting for us on Monday, we were only able to go to the technical inspection on Tuesday for the first time. The "Scutineering" had a special position at this event, it was the first Scrutineering which Rüdiger should go through. Only here would it be shown whether our considerations and ideas were functional and safety-technical sufficient for the car to be allowed on the track. The first stages of the Scrutineering went well, but some technical concerns were expressed during the last one, so we had to go back to the pit. All in all, no bad surprises, so the team went motivated to repair those jobs. But it's called "small cattle also makes crap", so we could only go to the second attempt of the Scrutineering on Wednesday morning. Fortunately, we were able to fix all the defects and show our drivers on the same train that they are proficient in the "Egress Test. " From there we went directly to refuel and then to Tilt Test. Despite all concerns, the car held tight even at a 60° incline. We also passed the following noise and break test right away. Rüdiger was ready. Rüdiger durchlaufen sollte. Erst hier würde sich zeigen ob unsere Überlegungen und Ideen Funktions- und Sicherheitstechnisch ausreichend waren, damit der Wagen auf die Strecke darf. Die ersten Etappen des Scrutineerings liefen gut, allerdings wurden bei der letzten einige technische Bedenken geäußert, womit wir dann noch mal in die Pit zurückmussten. Alles in allem aber keine bösen Überraschungen, daher ging das Team motiviert daran jene Stellen auszubessern. Aber es heißt ja „Kleinvieh macht auch Mist“, daher konnten wir erst am Mittwochmorgen zum zweiten Anlauf des Scrutineers gehen. Glücklicherweise konnten wir alle Mängel beheben und unsere Fahrer im gleichen Zug zeigen, dass sie den „Egress Test“ beherrschen. Von dort ging es direkt zum tanken und danach um Tilt Test. Trotz aller Bedenken hielt der Wagen selbst bei 60° Neigung dicht. Den darauffolgenden Noise – und Breaktest bestanden wir ebenfalls auf Anhieb. Rüdiger war bereit.

Static disciplines
Not only for our designers this event should be the jump into cold water.Not only because they had to justify their components theoretically in front of 4 judges, but also for our "economists", who were able to score a not insignificant part of the total points with the "Business Plan Presentation" and the "Cost Report". In the "Design Report", the respective designers had to justify their parts to a critical jury. For this purpose, the car was divided into four sections. These were suspension, chassis, engine & electronics and manufacturing. There was a jury member for each category. In the "Cost Report" two "Judges" asked questions about the documentation of the car. Finally, a fictional business model of two members of the team was presented at the Business Plan Presentation. All around, all static events went perfectly satisfactorily for us.

Dynamic Disciplines
When the car was cleared for the track on Wednesday, we were the first to drive to the Skid Pad. There we could drive just as the penultimate team a run before the intended period of time was over. Fortunately, Rüdiger mastered this first challenge with his driver Thomas. Afterwards we went straight on to Acceleration, where we drove three runs. Towards the end however, part of the circuit was broken and we had to go back to the pit. The subsequent repairs took place under a certain time pressure, as the autocross was still pending in the evening. With a provisional fixation of the gear in the second gear we went to the autocross. Since the autocross serves as a qualification for the endurance, the first lap was driven very safely. The second one tried to get a good lap time, which was influenced by the missing circuit. At the end of this long day we had managed to drive the autocross and qualify for the Endurance on Thursday. Thursday started early for us as we were one of the first cars at the Endurance. The car was checked in advance for technical defects and then sent to the track. In the first half, our driver Phil got everything out of the car that was even possible. After eleven laps he came safely back into the pits for the driver change. The change itself went smoothly and so probably the second half would have run - if Rüdiger had started again. Unfortunately, he did not do it after several unsuccessful attempts and so we had to accept the disqualification. The end after the first half of the Endurance was annoying, but everyone quickly realized that this was only the last few percent. That we were there for the second half meant, that we had made the way upto there. So we had achieved almost everything we had planned and this thought brought the grin back into our faces. Rüdiger had driven, had fought and has come further than we had thought. After a successful "Award Ceremoy" and an overall successful event, we look forward to FSA and FSG encouraged and strengthened. Rüdiger mit seinem Fahrer Thomas diese erste Herausforderung souverän bewältigt. Im Anschluss sind wir direkt weiter zur Acceleration, wo wir drei Runs gefahren sind. Gegen Ende ist allerdings ein Teil der Schaltung gebrochen und wir mussten zurück in die Pit. Die darauffolgenden Reparaturen geschahen unter einem gewissen Zeitdruck, da abends noch das Autocross anstand. Mit einer provisorischen Fixierung der Schaltung im zweiten Gang ging es dann zum Autocross. Da das Autocross als Qualifikation zur Endurance dient, wurde die erste Runde sehr sicher gefahren. Bei der zweiten wurde versucht eine gute Rundenzeit zu holen, wobei dies durch die fehlende Schaltung etwas beeinflusst wurde. Am Ende dieses langen Tages hatten wir es geschafft das Autocross zu fahren und uns für die Endurance am Donnerstag zu qualifizieren. Der Donnerstag fing für uns früh an da wir einer der ersten Wagen beim Endurance waren. Der Wagen wurde vorab nochmals auf technische Mängel überprüft und dann auf die Strecke geschickt. In der ersten Hälfte holte unser Fahrer Phil alles aus dem Wagen raus, was möglich war. Nach elf Runden kam er dann sicher zum Fahrerwechsel wieder in die Box. Der Wechsel an sich lief souverän und so wäre vermutlich auch die zweite Hälfte gelaufen – wenn Rüdiger wieder angesprungen wäre. Leider tat er es nach mehreren vergeblichen Versuchen nicht und somit mussten wir ernüchtert die Disqualifizierung hinnehmen. Das Aus nach der ersten Hälfte der Endurance war zwar ärgerlich, dennoch wurde allen schnell bewusst, dass dies nur die letzten paar Prozent waren. Dass wir zur zweiten Hälfte dort waren hieß, dass wir den Weg bis dahin geschafft hatten. So hatten wir doch nahezu alles erreicht was wir uns vorgenommen hatten und dieser Gedanke brachte das Grinsen zurück in unsere Gesichter. Rüdiger war gefahren, hatte gekämpft und ist weiter gekommen als wir es gedacht hatten. Nach einer gelungenen „Award Ceremoy“ und einem gesamt gelungenen Event sehen wir ermutigt und gestärkt FSA und FSG entgegen.

Your GETracing Team


Formula Student Germany

Location: Hockenheimring

The Formula Student Germany should be the crowning finale of the season for us. We were very happy that we were able to get one of the highly coveted places at the event in Hockenheim right away, because countless other teams also had the goal to go to the biggest Formula Student event in the world. On 07.08.2018 we set off early in the morning to the south and arrived at the Hockenheimring after a 6 hour drive. Immediately upon arrival, a part of the team set out to register the team while the rest took care of the campsite and the car. After registering, we were able to move into our pit, which we shared with Hamburg, Schweinfurt, Milan and Linköping.

Before the Opening Ceremony, various things were already prepared for the technical approval (scrutineering) on Wednesday. But FSG is not for no reason known for the strict enforcement of the rules. In the Scrutineering, despite two previously contested events, various deficiencies occurred, which should take up the whole day to repair. However, the team did not let themselves be discouraged and worked until late into the night not to disappoint the Scrutineers on Thursday. After the static disciplines were on the agenda on Thursday morning, we went to re-scrutineering in the afternoon, with success.

Static disciplines
The static disciplines were all to take place on Thursday morning, which was a challenge for the team as there was not much time to breathe and organize. In the design report, FSG was thoroughly testing and questioning in accordance with the car. Despite the sometimes tricky questions, the team was able to assert itself with the construction. The Cost Report - which was very well received at the two previous events - could also leave a good impression on FSG, even if the methods of the judges were different from the other events. Lastly, the Business Plan Presentation was on the agenda, which was presented this time by other team members than it was previously the case. Despite everything, they were able to present the concept well.

Dynamic Disciplines
Since all problems at Rüdiger were already resolved on Thursday, we were able to be the first team in the skidpad on Friday. After the first 2 laps, the ride was analyzed and the car was slightly optimized. These changes were first tested in the test area before going on to another 2 laps on the skidpad course. The riders were satisfied with the settings at that point and so we immediately went on to the acceleration. There we drove all 4 runs directly in a row. Fortunately, Rüdiger survived this day without any damage, which saved Saturday a lot of stress. So we had the opportunity to look at many other teams and cars. At noon we completed the first 3 runs in the autocross, then the ride was analyzed again and optimizations made. In the afternoon we competed in the other 2 runs in the autocross and successfully completed them. With the end of the autocross, we qualified for the Endurance on Sunday and were able to go to the first part of the Award Ceremony in the evening with a clear conscience. Due to a good time at the autocross we started on Sunday around 09:30 clock. The first half of the Endurance went well, except that the circuit failed after a few laps. Even the driver change went smoothly and so we could start into the second half. This also ran well until 2 laps before the end the engine went out and unfortunately did not start again. This was a bitter fate that we shared with half of the teams. Rüdiger behoben wurden konnten wir am Freitag das erste Team im Skidpad sein. Nach den ersten 2 Runden wurde die Fahrt analysiert und der Wagen etwas optimiert. Diese Änderungen wurden zunächst in der Test-Area erprobt bevor es dann zu weiteren 2 Runden auf den Skidpad Kurs ging. Die Fahrer waren zu diesem Zeitpunkt zufrieden mit den Einstellungen und so ging es sofort weiter zur Acceleration. Dort fuhren wir alle 4 Runs direkt hintereinander. Glücklicherweise überstand Rüdiger diesen Tag ohne jeglichen Schaden zu nehmen, was dem Samstag viel Stress ersparte. So hatten wir die Gelegenheit uns viele andere Teams und Wagen anzuschauen. Mittags absolvierten wir dann die ersten 3 Runs im Autocross, danach wurde nochmals die Fahrt analysiert und Optimierungen vorgenommen. Am Nachmittag traten wir dann die anderen 2 Runs im Autocross an und absolvierten diese erfolgreich. Mit der Beendigung des Autocross hatten wir uns somit auch für das Endurance am Sonntag qualifiziert und konnten guten Gewissens zum ersten Teil der Award Ceremony am Abend gehen. Durch eine gute Zeit beim Autocross starteten wir am Sonntag gegen 09:30 Uhr. Die erste Hälfte des Endurance verlief gut, außer dass die Schaltung nach einigen Runden versagte. Selbst der Fahrerwechsel lief problemlos und so konnten wir in die zweite Hälfte starten. Diese lief ebenfalls gut bis 2 Runden vor Schluss der Motor aus ging und leider nicht wieder ansprang. Dies war ein bitteres Schicksal, welches wir mit der Hälfte aller Teams teilten.

Nevertheless, this did not take our courage, after all, we had almost made it through the whole event and were happy to have had this experience. We were aware that the level at FSG would be high and we did everything we could to do justice to it. Even though we were not able to complete all the disciplines, we can still say that we have achieved everything we could achieve and that we are already looking forward to the new season with all the experience and everything we learned. . .

Many thanks to all sponsors and supporters!

Your GETracing Team

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