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Formula Student Netherlands

Location: TT Circuit Assen

GET racing looks back on the most successful event in team history

As one of the first teams, we pitched our tents at the campsite on Saturday in order to be well prepared for the event. At the weekend we were able to make the finishing touches to our presentations for the static disciplines and build up our pit on Sunday. The Monday started with the scrutineering, the technical approval of the car, where the officials had nothing to complain about: The Scrutineering as well as Tilt and Noise Test the FS216 each passed in the first attempt. Although minor defects in the electronics and braking system meant that the car had to take part in the Brake test a second time, we had gained valuable time to prepare for the disciplines by passing the test quickly. 

Also on Monday, we had the Business Plan Presentation, where our business experts presented a virtual marketing concept, and the Engineering Design Event, where we spoke to a jury of experienced engineers about our design. Tuesday was dedicated to the Cost and Manufacturing Event, during which the judges are explained the calculation for each part installed on the car. In addition, we were able to successfully correct the mistakes of the previous day and thus - in time for the dynamic disciplines - to install the last sticker needed on the hood of the car on Tuesday evening. In the Practise Area, our drivers were able to gain their first experience with the car on Dutch asphalt. 

The FS216 was well prepared for the first disciplines on Wednesday morning: Acceleration and Wet Pad. While the acceleration event is determined by the response time of our drivers and the acceleration of the car, the wet pad is all about driving an "eight" on an irrigated track while demonstrating a keen sense of control. Both disciplines were successfully completed by us. After further practice hours in the practice area and last setup measures, we competed in the evening at the autocross, the qualifying for the endurance on the following day, during which the weather put a brake on our calculations: Just at our starting point, rain started. Our riders had to circumnavigate the track under extreme caution on slicks, but successfully secured our participation in the Endurance. 

The weather conditions continued on Thursday, when we started for the Endurance Run. However, the car proved to be extremely reliable and completed the 22km including the prescribed driver change convincingly. After several hours of waiting in the Parc fermé, the result was official: the judges had no complaints afterwards. The FS216 had successfully completed its first Endurance! At the Award Ceremony in the evening however, we had much greater cause for joy: In the "Fuel Efficiency" classification, we took third place with 98.15 out of a possible 100 points and received the first award in our team history. Very satisfied with the results, we were able to start our way back home to Dortmund.

Our successes in brief:

  • 8th place out of 31 in the overall ranking
  • 4th place out of 21 among cars with internal combustion engine
  • 3rd place in the "Fuel Efficiency" classification

We would like to thank all the sponsors and supporters of the team who made this success possible for us and look forward to the coming season, in which we want to build on these successes with the new car. In addition, we would like to thank our friendly teams, especially RUB Motorsport from the Ruhr-University-Bochum, for the friendly contact at the event and, last but not least, the organizers of the FSN, who ensured the smooth running of this new event.

Your GETracing Team

Take a look at our photos in our Bilder Gallerie that we took in the Netherlands.


Formula Student Austria

Location: Red Bull Ring Spielberg

Just three days before the starting signal for Formula Student Austria, we were able to participate in the prestigious event at the Red Bull Ring in Styria at short notice. After we had no longer expected it, a small group of our team was able to reorganize at short notice in order to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the high-level event. A thight schedule demanded everything from our team members, yet we managed to participate in all static and dynamic events and at the same time to make important contacts and exchange information, which will be incorporated into the next race cars of GET racing.


After a long drive we found ourselves in the beautiful Styria near Spielberg. In the middle of the landscape, the former A1 Ring was renamed by Red Bull and completely modernised. As a result, series such as Formula 1, MotoGP and this week's Formula Student are once again taking place here. Camp and pit were quickly set up, as we travelled with a few team members and therefore had not brought much with us. Unusual for us was the location of the pit. Since we had advanced for an e-car, we were in the pits of the e-car. But also there we could exchange a lot of information and help other teams and ask for help ourselves.


As it is well known, the technical acceptance in the FSA is very strict. It was all the more important that we were one of the first teams to do this. So we were able to finish the first round of technical approval quickly and make the desired changes to the scrutineers during the rest of the day. The next morning we were able to pass the technical approval in the second round. At the same time, the statics were on the agenda. So we had to interrupt our scrutineering in order to participate in the Design Report and the Cost Event. Due to our small number of people, these were more difficult to implement than in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, we were able to collect a lot of information for our team in Dortmund, which we will use for the next statics. After that, time ran out and we could only complete the Tilt Table Test and the Noise Test before the Brake Test for today was closed at 18:00.


The next morning, the aim was to pass the Brake test as quickly as possible in order to drive the first dynamic disciplines. We were able to complete the Brake Test quickly and successfully and directly embark on the long journey to the Dynamic Area. Here we were able to compete well in all possible races in acceleration and also in the skid pad. Autocross was still on the agenda in the afternoon. Here we had the weather in view, because in the evening a thunderstorm should come up. So we started our two races very early, which should turn out to be the right decision. Because when we were already in the pit, and only half of all the teams had driven, a storm began and the event had to be interrupted. Some cars have suffered heavy damage in the rain, as the way back to the pits at the Red Bull Ring is very long. 

Towards evening the track was opened again briefly under wet conditions, so that some teams could set a time. However, we have already made the final preparations for the Endurance that would take place the next noon. We were able to manage the first half of the 22 km without any problems. However, a part of the braking system seemed to have broken off during the drive, which led to the Scrutineers forbidding us to continue driving when changing drivers. Although we were of course disappointed because the FS216 had already successfully completed an Endurance in the Netherlands, we were nevertheless able to understand the decision in favour of our safety. After the dismantling of our pit, only the Award Ceremony followed and then a long drive home.


The Formula Student Austria is an event with a very high standard. Because of the limited places, only the best teams in the world come in here. So we can be all the more proud that we have managed - despite the short-term advancement - to compete with only a few team members in all static and dynamic disciplines. It was especially important for us to take a lot of information home, where the other team members worked diligently on the next race car. The tight organization and punctuality in the team worked very well for us. We were able to prove this in the dynamic disciplines. The failure in the Endurance was very close and unfortunately unpredictable. We would have liked to finish this course to advance a few places in the ranking. Nevertheless, especially in the static disciplines, we have identified gaps, which we will close by next year. Overall, we are very happy to have participated in spite of difficult circumstances to present ourselves, TU Dortmund University and of course our sponsors. We were able to gather a lot of information to help us build the next car. The FS216 has now retired after four complete events and the focus is on our next race car. We are looking forward to competing with the new car in Austria.

Participation in the Formula Student and in an event as big as the FSA is not without help. First and foremost, we would like to thank our sponsors and supporters. Together we were able to build a racing car that has now successfully completed four events. We would also like to thank Jörg Schaberg, who spent his holiday driving our trailer and racing car to Austria without further ado and actively supported us on site.

We also got help from other teams at the FSA - in the spirit of the Formula Student Family. In particular, we would like to thank:

Bodensee racing Team and

Baltic racing Team


Many thanks to all sponsors and supporters!

Your GETracing Team

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