Events 2014

Formula Student Spain

Location: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya



Day 1: Arrival

After our arrival on Wednesday afternoon, we set up our pit, started to prepare our racing car for the scrutineering approaching us and explored the still unknown racetrack. After our mobile workshop was set up, we immediately started to create our to-do list, which we had to process first. The fingers were sore until late into the night, after which we all looked forward to our food and sleep after the 40-hour journey. But the sleep did not last long, the next alarm clock lurked early and the Spanish sun gave us motivation.



Day 2: To-Do-List

Foto 28.08.14 22 15 30The next morning began and we immediately started to work on the to-do list, because we wanted to be done with the scrutineering as early as possible, in order to test our newly built airbox and to be able to adjust the car. Around noon we were ready for scrutinizing and standing in line, in a race suit, in the sun, at 32 degrees. . . After an hour of thorough inspection we got the Inspection Sheet, after which we had to change the defects found. Unfortunately we did not make it to the Scrutineering on the same day, but the car was finished and we had good hope. In the meantime, we got the sticker at the Tilt Table, where we proved that our car survives a 60 degree gradient without any loss of fluids and the car does not tip over because the center of gravity is quite close to the ground. After a good business plan presentation, the evening went to the Cultural Sharing Dinner, for which all teams had brought specialties from their home country. This turned out to be a real highlight, as many international teams from many corners of the world were involved and one got into a good conversation with them. We have of course prepared currywurst with curry sauce from Dortmund's city centre, which has been very well received.

Day 3: Scrutineering + Static Events

On Friday morning we got the sticker for scrutineering and our focus shifted to the Static Events. We completed the Design and Cost Event and discussed our design in detail with engineers from the automotive industry. For the first time we stood in the Engine Test Area, where a nasty surprise awaited us. Our newly designed, laminated carbon fiber airbox proved not to be 100% rigid, so we had to consider a solution to reinforce it from the inside. Immediately we went to the modification of the airbox and considered a clever solution, which has proven itself. Since the new gasket had to harden now, we could not test our engine and do no Break + Noise Test. . . . So we had to wait.

Day 4: Dynamic Events

Foto 30.08.14 09 45 48The following Saturday we got through the break test very quickly, but the noise test stopped us a little bit. After minutes of despair we then had a great joy, the measuring instrument had 107 dBA! This was the starting signal for the Dynamic Events!
Now we were already in line for Acceleration, the finishing event on a straight track. But when we least expected it, our car was running at 10,000 rpm during engine preheating. No one understood what it was because 10 minutes ago ( Break Test) the car was still running smoothly. It didn't help, we had to go back to our pit to look for the problem. . .
Within a very short amount of time the culprit showed up, it was the bent Bowden pull on the accelerator pedal, which now our steel rope around approx. 1 cm shortened and thus our throttle flap could not be closed. This only so small defect led to the fact that we unfortunately had no start in the acceleration and skidpad. However, our strong teamwork showed up again and we were able to solve the problem within the hot lunchtime hours, so that we could participate in the autocross in the afternoon. After the four exciting laps in autocross it was clear that our time would give us a place in the morning session of the Endurance. So on Saturday evening we prepared our car and its chassis for the Endurance.

Day 5: Endurance

Foto 30.08.14 12 19 26Foto 30.08.14 12 19 26Foto 30.08.14 17 54 08The dreaded endurance race over 28 laps, with drivers changing after 14 laps, in the scorching heat of Spain, started well for us on Sunday morning. In the run-up to the event, we had already upgraded our cooling system accordingly, as we feared an overheating of the engine. The FS213b ran smoothly through the first half of the race with approximately constant lap times. Also from the previously fixed problems with the Bowden pull nothing could be recognized, the engine responded excellently to the throttle. After the driver change, we were even able to take out the pace a little to avoid risking anything. Successfully with a time of 34.04 minutes we were able to complete the Endurance and had every reason to celebrate. So we successfully participated in the event and were very happy, because the work was absolutely worth it!
In the meantime, we are all motivated to return to Dortmund. Finally, we would like to thank all sponsors and supporters outside and within the university. Without you this project would not be possible and we as students would be poorer by many experiences!!!

Many Thanks!

The Team of GETracing



FSS 2014

Pictures of Formula Student Spain 2014 at the Circuit de Cataluna near Barcelona

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