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Formula Student Hockenheim


Day 1: Arrival at the campsite

After our last test drive on Bilster Berg, four days before the departure to Hockenheim, our engine had a total damage (broken tooth flanks in the gearbox). As a result, the signs for Hockenheim were bad. So we had to change the whole engine the weekend before the event. Evil memories of 2011 were awakened when something similar happened to us. A lot of work had to be done to remove the engine and all attachments, inspect and install a new engine. Tuesday morning we went south with the rented trailer and transporter of Josef Gwose GmbH. Still tired, but still motivated, the team arrived at about 2 p.m. in Hockenheim. Since the work on the car was not quite finished, some things had to be done in the pits. This meant unpacking quickly, setting up the tents and getting into the pits to prepare for scrutineering.

Day 2: Scrutineering and some more or less big problems


An almost worked-out night and many tired faces later we were finally able to face the scrutineering on Wednesday afternoon. However, we have overlooked a few small things in the hurry, which is why they had to be improved and shown again. In the late evening we were finally able to glue the coveted Scrutineering sticker onto our car and move on to the so-called Tilt Table. In this test, the car is placed on a tiltable lifting platform and tilted at an angle of up to 60 degrees. On the one hand, it is checked whether the center of gravity of the car sits deep enough not to tip over in fast curves and, on the other hand, whether all liquid containers (gasoline, oil, water) are dense. However, since it was already late in the evening we had to postpone this to the next day.

Day 3: The tank that made our lives difficult

On the Tilt Table the next morning the bad news: The gas tank had cracked its hair during the engine exchange and thus leaked. Due to our special choice of materials (aluminium, glass fibre reinforced plastic), we were unfortunately unable to repair it on site. But no long faces or resignation helped, we immediately started to build a new tank of simple structural steel. The tasks were assigned to all team members, so that the tank could be built in record time. At this point also a heartfelt thank you to the team from Krefeld who supported us in the spirit of Formula Student until 6 o'clock at night.

Day 4: What do days look like without problems?


After the installation the next day, the tilt-table sticker now also graced our car. Then there were the static events, which are about convincing a jury from technology, finance and marketing of our own concepts. Our ideas were consistently regarded as good, but in the hectic of engine damage, we forgot half of our presentation material. For example, we slipped to 46th place at the "Cost Event", although we finished 6th in one section. scored the best score. Then towards the afternoon the next shock at the noise test: too loud! The next problem we had to be solve. So another night shift was introduced and a "db eater" was built and used in our rear silencer.

Day 5: Finally a quiet, but not yet set car

I93A4721.jpgOn Saturday at half past eleven we were able to make the engine a little quieter and were on the way to the new noise test. Result: Point landing! All we needed was a sticker and a test so that we could finally participate in the Dynamic Events. However, we were running out of time, because the acceleration was only open until 1 p.m. Nearly 12 o’clock, the final test, passed the brake test with bravura and now quickly get into the line for the acceleration. Due to the lack of engine adjustment, due to the engine change and db eater, this discipline unfortunately did not go so well and it only became a place in the rear peloton. Also the following autocross event, where you have to complete a lap on a marked race track, did not go so well for the same reason.This problem only allowed us to drive quite slow lap times, but it was more important to participate and have a time to qualify for the Endurance.

Day 6: Will the FS213 pass the endurance?

Sunday. Endurance day. The day that has often led to disappointment in the team. So far, there has been no car in the club's history that has ever survived the hard ordeals during the Endurance. Sometimes the engine stopped bouncing, sometimes the battery was empty due to the running radiator or the water system was leaking. But this time we took precautions, predicted all eventualities and provided a remedy.


And then came the race. The first part went quite well after two familiarization laps, in which our first driver Kevin Breuer had to contend with further problems with the gas acceptance. At this time of the Endurance, we were the fastest car with a combustion engine on the track and were able to drive with 95.3 seconds the best time so far. After the first nine laps had been completed, the driver change, which was feared at all and responsible for many pits, followed. Christoph Deussen was supposed to take over the vehicle and was strapped into the car. Extraordinary praise for this came this time from the route spokesman who noticed the short time we need to adjust all ergonomic components to our second driver. Then came the hour of truth and the switch to start the engine was flipped. The engine organized and immediately jumped on and the car started again. Relief for all team members - with all except those who were standing directly at the car. The switch for cooling stood on "Off" when driving off and in the shade there was temperatures of over 35° Celsius. So if our second driver didn't notice this immediately, the ride would end very quickly. However, the car easily rotated lap after lap. So the switch had to be flipped by the driver shortly after the restart. In general, driver number 2 did very well and did not drive the race car at the limit, which was the instruction "Drive the thing safely home". We only wanted to pass the Endurance and go down in team history. After another nine laps, the black-and-white checkered target position:

The feeling as if all 1000 stones of the last year, which have gathered on the heart, have fallen at once, spread. Euphoria spread. After a total of 18 laps everything was clear, the FS213 was the first car from GETracing to pass the Endurance. The joy was unbroken and every team member can be proud to have been a part of this big step forward.

At this point also a heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors, families and alumni who have helped us again and again, be it mentally or with knowledge. We are already looking forward to the next season!


Business Plan Presentation: Place 51/75

Cost Analysis Event: Place 46/75

Engineering Design: Place 62/75

Skid Pad: Place 59/75

Acceleration: Platz 62/75

Auto Cross: Place 51/75

Endurance: Place 36/75

Fuel Efficiency: 41/75th place

Event Overall: 61/75th place

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Pictures of Formula Student Germany 2013 at the Hockenheimring

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