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Formula Student Hockenheim

Day 1: Successful arrival in Hockenheim

After several improvements were made to our car last night, it was still very early today to pack all the things needed for the event carefully and to store them safely in our van, which was kindly provided by the Dortmund Motorsport Club. But despite some bulky objects, we were finally able to leave on time in Dortmund. After about 300 km of motorway and about 100 km of road, the city of 4 hours driving time we have reached our destination, the Hockenheimring. At the beginning it was necessary to set up on one of the neighboring campsites before it was said for the first time: to queue. Because without prior registration, no entry into the pit area. After all formal processes were completed, it was also possible to move into one's own box and unload all equipment. After a sufficient physical well-being was provided, it was necessary to refuel for the final optimizations on the following day.

Day 2: Dashboard problems and helpfulness of other teams

Early on, some team members provided fresh bread rolls and a rich breakfast table. Directly afterwards however, it was necessary to dedicate itself to the own car, because there were still some things to be completed or to be optimised. Among other things, the underbody made of fiberglass had to be adapted and stiffened as well as the dashboard had to be integrated into the board electronics. In addition, all parts were once again checked in detail for compliance with the rules and, if necessary, amended. Especially in these works, the collegiality among the teams was felt up close. Because despite the fact that several teams were still busy working, helpfulness was very important to everyone. Once a problem occurred in which you did not know any more, there were directly several other teams with advice and deed to the side. As the devil is known to be in the detail, these works lasted the entire day. But now the car stands on its own four wheels and is ready to be exposed to the critical eyes of the judges tomorrow.

Day 3: Technical acceptance

Even before the first sunshine, the alarm rang to be on time for the first driver meeting of the event. In addition to some general rules, special attention was given to the conditions of the day before all teams could then devote themselves to their own cars. For us it was necessary to reexamine all the connections and then classify ourselves in the queue of scrutineering. After an intensive examination lasting almost two hours, it was unfortunately clear that a number of things still needed to be reworked. Even if some criticisms are certainly a matter of interpretation, there were unfortunately also some uncontroversial things to criticise on the part of the jurors. All in all, all the subsequent changes unfortunately dragged on into the night, so that it was no longer possible to face the critical eyes of the jury for the final acceptance once again on the same day.

Day 4: We have got all of them!

Now we have them, all four stickers of technical approval!

We passed: Scrutineering, Tilt Table, Noise Test, Break Test!

The tinkering and screwing of the last few days has been worthwhile. Tomorrow morning we will be one of the first teams to enter the main race!

Day 6: Main race (almost) successfully completed

Due to the lack of race results from the preliminary rounds, we were the first team to compete in the main race (Endurance). Despite adverse conditions and a very slippery track, our car met almost all expectations and we were able to drive very good lap times.

However unfortunately, after ca. 2/3 of the race distance to be completed an unpredictable misconduct of the gas train. This breakdown forced us to drive the car off the track prematurely (but still by our own power). Since other teams still have the opportunity to compete with their car, a final result is not yet foreseeable. Nevertheless, we are very satisfied with the progress of the entire FSG2011!
Da auch weiterhin andere Teams die Möglichkeit haben mit ihrem Auto anzutreten, ist im Moment ein finales Resultat noch nicht absehbar.
Dennoch sind wir über den Verlauf der kompletten FSG2011 sehr zufrieden!

Day 7: Return from Hockenheim

Wir sind heute in den (sehr frühen) Morgenstunden wieder in Dortmund angekommen. Die FS Germany hat mal wieder ein beeindruckendes Event auf die Beine gestellt und wir alle sind stolz, ein Teil davon gewesen zu sein. Obwohl wir mit sehr großen Schwierigkeiten zu kämpfen hatten, haben wir es dennoch geschafft, beim Endurance-Rennen anzutreten. Wir sind sogar eines der wenigen — etwa 30 — Teams und sogar das erste, dessen Auto einen Platz im Parc Fermé für einen erfolgreichen Fahrerwechsel nach der ersten Hälfte des Rennens bekam.
Wir möchten uns recht herzlich bei all unseren Sponsoren und Unterstützern bedanken, die die Konstruktion unseres Rennwagens und die Teilnahme an der Formula Student erst möglich machen.
Nun beginnen die Vorbereitungen für FS Hungary am 18. August.


Formula Student Hungary

Day 1: Let's go to Györ

For the second time this season, the van was loaded and all the important things from the workshop packed into transport crates, because another event is coming up. This time in Györ, Hungary.

After we have already been able to drive a successful endurance in Hockenheim, we would like to build on these achievements in Hungary.



Day 2: Construction, scrutineering and excellent catering

After the 16-hour drive yesterday and a restful night at the Student Hostel of the University of Györ, we got to work this morning. After the box was set up and tidied up, the last adjustment work on the car was completed. Then we went to the Scrutineering, which was passed in the first attempt without defects. The Tilt Table was passed immediately.

After the following lunch at the Catering Tent (excellent!) was the Noise Test with S110 dB, and immediately afterwards the Brake Test passed immediately. We are very happy to have finished the day so successfully and proud that with no technical acceptance a second attempt was necessary.

Tomorrow the static events will take place, and during the breaks we will test extensively.



Day 3: Business Plan Presentation and testing, testing, testing

Today the static events took place. The Business Plan Presentation was first held by Christoph Deussen, followed by the Design Event. Here there was a deviation from the usual procedure: There were several Design Judge teams, but each team was for one area, e.g. Powertrain, in charge. In this way, each area of each car was rated by the same judges. This ensures an absolutely fair evaluation. Last but not least, the cost event took place. Thanks to better preparation, the static events were much more promising than in Hockenheim.

At the same time, we have tested extensively. Since the surface here is extremely grippy, a few modifications to the chassis were necessary. This has now happened, and all the riders have had the opportunity to practice on the test site. This is another reason why we are looking forward to tomorrow, when Acceleration Event, Skid Pad and Autocross will take place.

Day 4: A lot to do in such a day

Der heutige Tag war vollgepackt mit dynamischen Events: Vormittags waren Acceleration, Skid Pad und die Testing Area geöffnet, mittags wurde umgebaut und nachmittags fand das Autocross statt. Nach ein wenig Feinjustage am Schaltsystem und „zufälligem Vergessen des Reifenstapels in der Sonne“ (Reifen vorwärmen ist schließlich verboten) übten die Fahrer des Tages zunächst in der Testing Area. Anschließend fuhren wir Acceleration (Michael Baumeister und Tilman Schröder) und Skid Pad (Tilman Schröder und Kevin Breuer). Unsere jeweiligen Bestzeiten betrugen 4,36 Sekunden @ 92 km/h beim Acceleration und 5,27 Sekunden beim Skid Pad.
Nach dem Mittagessen fuhren Martin Jentsch und Carsten Westermann das Autocross. Letzterem gelang es dabei sogar, die zwischenzeitlich schnellste Runde zu fahren. Vollkommen beschädigungsfrei blieb das Auto während des intensiven Fahrbetriebs der letzten Tage zwar nicht, aber die beschädigten Teile sind bereits wieder repariert. Letztendlich sind wir nun für das morgen stattfindende Endurance Race im guten Mittelfeld platziert und freuen uns auf einen erfolgreichen letzten Tag.

Day 5: The Endurance and Murphy's Laws

The Endurance Race took place today. The starting order of the Endurance is inversely the best times of the autocross. Some teams, who were far ahead in the starting order, could not get their car ready in time, so that we have already started in tenth place.

Christoph Skibbe competed in the first half of the race. Everything went smoothly and we were in good spirits. When changing drivers however, it turned out that the radiator was mounted and lost water as a result. Under these circumstances, the Marshalls forbid us to continue the race. Irony of fate: Both the course in Hockenheim and our test track are much more uneven than the local course.

We suspect that due to the immense grip, the car also tilted more to the side and therefore could only be mounted with the radiator.

In the overall result, we landed on the 21st place. In Endurance, despite our failure, we still made a good 14th place. With a fuel consumption of 19.45l/100km, we were also able to achieve a great 15th place in the Fuel Efficiency segment. All in all, we have been able to improve considerably, but we still haven't defeated our final opponent Murphy. Nevertheless, it was a very nice event, and GET racing will return to FSH at our next opportunity.

FSH 2011

GETracing in Hungary

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